The host of one of my favorite podcasts, The School Of Greatness, recently challenged his listeners to imagine their perfect day and write it down. This is that.


I get up by 6 am, but I rise on my own without an alarm clock. Next to me is my wife, Alleah. She's still sleeping. I give her a kiss on the cheek and I throw on my gym clothes. 

Next, I go to the gym for an hour and a half. I do a workout that's not making up for other workouts. I listen to a podcast or a beat that I made the day before that I can't stop listening to on repeat.  

I come home and make my wife coffee and take it up to her. I kiss her awake. I take a shower while she makes breakfast. Ideally, it's farina (My grandma always made this for me. Thanks, Nana). We eat while having a meaningful conversation. Not the type that's about your day, but the type that makes you add another entry to the long list of reasons why you love this person.

Afterwards, I commute to work on a bus or train while listening to a podcast or catching up on news.


My work consists of helping people automate technologies in a way that makes them better (Habiticle is a small prototype of that). The thing I make helps people. Really helps people. In the type of way that doesn't just make their lives better — but changes their lives. Something that becomes their tipping point into awakening something inside them that they didn't know they had.

I work tirelessly on this shared vision with people who are my friends. So close that I would want them in my wedding. The team works late, but we have fun. I'm talking about actual fun. So much so there's no point in daydreaming, because dammit, the daydream is happening. 


I meet my dad at a local bar and we have a drink and watch a game. We talk about everything. I get to know him more and he gives me advice. We're best friends.

I take public transit back home while listening to a podcast or reading. I get home around 7 pm. Alleah is there and we make dinner together. We share our day and talk about the next place we're going to travel to. And, we're actually going to go there. I clean up. I go downstairs to make a beat that I love. I get done by around 11 pm so I can watch TV with my wife. We fall asleep together.