Too often when we come up with ads, the channel is already decided. "Come up with a social campaign" or "How about a TV spot?". I like that this direction gives teams some focus, which does help the creative process, but hate that it puts bigger ideas inside of a sandbox. 

Then I see a big social idea, like the Beats by Dre spot to the right, transform into an incredible traditional TV spot. This is the video you want to take to the client to prove that integrated campaigns can start with social first.


Obviously, the spot has a few things going for it:

  1. Major street cred. Sure, athletes and musicians want to wear Beats (making this kind of star-studded spot much easier to pull off). But, what really helps it is this idea was already proven by Karen Cheng (Karen and her idea featured on the right). AND, they did the right thing and featured her in the spot (0:25) to give her credit.
  2. It's (relatively) easy to join in. They made a few videos (herehere and here) as tutorials. So, the only other thing you need is a pair of Beats ($199+) and be in the middle of doing something cool (Because hearing music > hearing life).
  3. Incredible production — from the music to the locations.
  4. They're spending money to promote it. So far, I've seen it as YouTube preroll, a promoted Twitter trend on 11/30, and on TV.

Beats has successfully made it cool for people to make an ad for their product. However, after surfing their social channels and the #SoloSelfie landing page, it's unclear what the brand is going to do with the user submitted ads. While they don't yet have any kind of hub to feature fans who take the time to do this (the whole ask of the campaign), this still proves that big ideas can be big ideas in any medium. And that's the point we'll have to get across to our clients.