There's a lot to hate about flying. Standing in line so someone you don't know can use X-Ray vision to check out your junk, being over 6-foot-5 and not getting exit row (Booo. Hsssss!), and crying babies, to name a few. Many of these things are not the airlines' fault (me not getting the exit row is, but that's not the point of this post).

Like many airlines, Spirit gets blamed for all of our flight-related problems and then some because of their nothing-is-included-but-your-seat pricing model.


Spirit has a solution (albeit without saying what they'll do better)

The cutesy video drives anyone with a bad experience on Spirit, or any airline (read: everyone), to a microsite where they can tell their story for 8,000 free miles on Spirit air. 

All I can say is it's about time. So many brands are afraid to face their detractors for fear that the angry mob will multiply and create a PR nightmare. Can this happen? Sure. But, it doesn't have to. Just like with what Spirit is doing, dealing with detractors online is all about:

  1. Being honest and sympathizing
  2. Apologizing to the people involved
  3. Giving something away to make it right 

That's why Spirit now has a golden opportunity to turn theirs and other airlines' detractors into Spirit advocates. Since there are a lot of wrongs to be righted in the unfriendly skies, this could be one hell of a platform.