I find it fascinating when I read how people unlocked their creativity in the past. The tips from back then are more relevant now than ever, such as in this CBC interview with sci-fi author, Ray Bradbury.

In the instance of getting an idea, I go act it out on paper — I don’t put it away. I don’t delay, I don’t put off to tomorrow doing what I must do, right now, to find out what my secret self needs, wants, desires with all its heart. And then it speaks, and I have enough brains to get out of the way and listen.
— Ray Bradbury (1968)

We're all constantly tempted to procrastinate. That temptation will never change. But, we can motivate ourselves through it. For motivation, Ray Bradburry added:

The only thing that you’ll ever own in your life is your work.
— Ray Bradbury (1968)

Making it stick

Welp, I got tons of work to do. To remember this tidbit of motivation (and if you want to remember it too), I made it into a desktop wallpaper (also available here if right click > Save As doesn't work) below on Quotescover.

Make sure you check out the entire interview and learn more about Ray Bradbury by hitting up the source link below.

Source: Brain Pickings