I found an old notebook from when I was 16 that includes some of the very first ads I ever came up with. Rather than burning the notebook so nobody finds out how bad they are, I'm starting a series of posts where I set them free. Then, tear them to shreds with my words.


So, let me get this straight. In this print ad, some helpless kid got a Post-it note stuck on his back and that led to him being stuck to some lockers? Post-Its — the official tool of bullying. Probably not the attention you want.


A high/middle school is an interesting setting. Are kids that age really the target? Or, is it parents who were bullies and they want their kid to be a bully? Also, why's he stuck? Since I don't see a giant magnet, I'm assuming the bully was Darth Vader because The Force is the only other explanation.


Way to not use a cliche idiom as a tagline. But, I see what you were trying to do. Post-Its are square, which is like a 2D box. Also, does it say "Stick Me" on the Post-it? Ohh, because it rhymes with "Kick me". Yeah, no. See comments above about bullying.