I found an old notebook from when I was 16 that includes some of the very first ads I ever came up with. Rather than burning the notebook so nobody finds out how bad they are, I'm making a series of posts where I set them free. Then, tear them to shreds with my words.


Well, isn't this wholesome. This guy is passed out in the bathroom surrounded by empty glasses and beer bottles. Sounds great for anybody under the age of 21 and a half. This was overdone even before the Hangover movies came out. Just please tell me those scribbles on the toilet aren't puke. Nobody would sit on a Las Vegas toilet. Ever. If you want that to be your big contribution to the world, great job.


Are you sure you weren't five years old when you drew this? Christ, the poor guy's left arm looks like it has a nipple on the end of it. How did Mr. Nippley Arm even hold any of those glasses? Also, even though it's great you featured a classy one star Vegas motel with a busted toilet and bathtub, we want people to come here. Make it more extravagant. This just makes me think I can recreate the Vegas experience at any Motel 6 in the nation for $53, including top shelf booze.


Way to beat people over the head. "I'll never do that again" might as well say "Are you sure you get it?" The list on the other hand is not total crap. I like the idea that you'll never party anywhere else, thereby making Vegas the place to go. Keep pushing that. And find a damn Art Director. Holy hell.

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