Look ma, my first #ShArt!

Look ma, my first #ShArt!

I've always envied people who can draw. Just watching their process is mesmerizing. I love the movement of the pen, the deep concentration on the canvas, and the clarity you must have to take something that's inside your head and put it on paper. Maybe that's why I got a job where I get to work with art directors. However, even though I love art, I am a really shitty illustrator.

I want to change that. So, I'm going to start a small project — Shitty Art or #ShArt, for short — where I take idioms and puns that make me groan or smile (or hopefully both) and turn them into illustrations.

The goal is for me to become a better illustrator and hopefully a better thinker. I'm going to do one a week and honestly critique them toward the end of the year. Fair warning: this is going to get ugly. But, I've never been one to hide my failures.

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