In the wee hours of the morning

There are hangovers raging

And cars in front of bars with parking warnings.

There’s texts from your ex

Hashtag First World Problems

And ‘friends’ who just want to have sex.

And debt to rack up

And boxes to pack up.

And internships to apply for

And car races you almost died for.

And fights to be broken up

And times you should’ve spoken up.

Being real life crash test dummies

And everything else that happens in your twenties.

Goodnight hangovers every morning

And goodnight ignoring every warning.

Goodnight all-nighters

And, goodnight one-liners.

Goodnight minimum payments

And, goodnight losing my patience.

Goodnight never forgiving

And, goodnight selfish living.

Goodnight to most of my wasteful spending

And, goodnight to my twenties, and everything with it that’s ending.