The Testicular Cancer Foundation wanted guys to be constantly reminded to check their balls. How do you do that with one print ad in Sports Illustrated? You change the meaning of a symbol guys see constantly in texts and online messages from loved ones.

2016 Addy: Gold (x2)

ECD: S. Sigers, CD: S. Bonds CW: S. Rostohar


AT&T sponsored Tech808, a conference dedicated to the intersection of technology and hip hop. We were given only some print space in the official program, but turned it into an iconic piece that was shown all over the conference — proving that the brand deserved to be part of the scene. 

CD: C. Seaton, AD: R. Milton, CW: S. Rostohar


How do you get Austin's advertising stars to help the next generation of creatives during the local Addys? You use print space in the official Addy program to help them remember what it was like to get started in the first place.

CD: S. Sigers, AD: C. Brimm, CW: S. Rostohar




Young Guru is best known for crafting the sound of Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna and many other artists you'd probably find on your go-to playlist. But he doesn't stop at music. To celebrate what makes Young Guru a true innovator, we created a spot for AT&T's fingerprint campaign that was shown during the 2016 NBA Finals, and we even brought the man himself to SXSW to talk tech and music culture.

CD: C. Seaton, AD: S. Gomez, CW: S. Rostohar

CD: C. Seaton, AD: S. Gomez, CW: S. Rostohar


The average El Pasoan didn't know how good their tap water is. So, we set out to prove that El Paso Water Utilities is one of the best in the world at finding, securing, and crafting world-class water.

ECD: S. Sigers, CD: S. Bonds, AD: C. Brimm CW: S. Rostohar


If you need to send some strong signals, you better have the nation's strongest LTE signal. And boy, did these folks send some strong signals.

The insight: African Americans see holiday discounts as extra money they can put toward their gift-giving budget. So, we created a radio spot that shows that AT&T's $300-dollar credit leads to gifts so good, they're worth snooping for.

For Black History Month, AT&T wanted to go beyond the typical historical figures. They selected 10 people from the past and present who have changed the game in unique ways. Here's their story.